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so i have a dilemma

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 26, 2014, 1:20 AM
so, about a year ago i officially deleted my previous account, which used my main email account, this current account using a hotmail account i created specifically for a new dA account.

now, as some of you know, hotmail isn't even a thing anymore, so there's is absolutely no way for me to access that email. should i ever get emails from deviantart concerning claims against my account, or whatever, i won't be able to receive them. since i've had a friend that mysteriously had their account completely removed due to some mistake made by dA, this concerns me.

i'm reminded of this because dA is giving me this "is this your current email?" popup on every page. so, i try to put in my current email, and it says "that email is currently being used" or something to that effect. the issue is, no, it is not being used, i deleted that account. but, nonetheless, about a year ago i messaged the help center with this problem and they said that since my old account was so recently deleted, the email is still attached. give it about 30 days, they said, and the email will be free for you to use on this LumaKuma account.

it's been a year, and my main email is still being occupied by a long-dead account, despite the help desk telling me it should be free.

so my dilemma is this, how the heckie do i get that email attached to that account? is it worth sending in another message to the help desk? or will they just tell me to wait more time or (god forbid) send my non-existent hotmail address an email to confirm my decision???

i must say i am not satisfied with this system. i shouldn't have to jump through a million hoops just to give them a valid email, especially since the address isn't being used by anybody :/


United States

Hi! My name's Katie and I live in Florida, USA.
I like lots of things, which include kpop, pokemon, sanrio, the color pink, and bears.
I tend to be kind of silly.
I'm my own worst critic!
I draw lots of cute stuff, but also some sexy! (Be warned)
I love all of my watchers!

(I got these cute gifs from here~)


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cherifish Featured By Owner May 9, 2014
I love how your page is all sparkly and pink and cute, and then you scroll down to find that webcam....
LumaKuma Featured By Owner May 9, 2014
he's pointing you to the comment section. it must work *^*
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Surprise! This was done a while ago, but, uh, hope you like it anyways, haha!
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amg ; A ; thank you so muchhh omigosh
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:icongreatjobplz: That's ok! I hope today is happy for you~
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